Areas of Expertise

Banking and Micro Finance

Parity-CB works on institutional strengthening through the elaboration of business plans, “due diligence” processes, process mapping, business process improvement (BPI), market research, marketing of financial products, development of operational manuals, design of domestic policies, helping Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to become regulated, marketing of financial products, design and implementation of financial products and execution of pilot projects, “ABC Costing”, design of incentive schemes, management of human talent, applied and operational risk analysis, portfolio management, agriculture value chain financing and arrears management.

In the field of innovation, Parity-CB identifies new financial technologies, product innovation, processes and strategic relationship management with partners and investors.

In the area of investment, Parity-CB has designed, structured and currently manages a synthetic investment fund targeted towards the development of agriculture value chains.



21st Street Calacoto 8227
Torre Lydia 3th Floor Room 301
Telephone: 591-2-277-3665

La Paz - Bolivia