Areas of Expertise


Parity-CB focuses on research, development and implementation of alternative energy in Bolivia and in the region. The Firm seeks to implement the projects: "Dams System for the Eastern Cordillera of Bolivia" (SIRECO) and the "Andean System of Dams" (SAR).

Both are modular dam projects designed to prevent and manage melted glaciar water to drain directly into the Atlantic Ocean. These projects will allow for the reduction of the impact of flooding in eastern Beni, improve irrigation and water supply to the Chaco region of Bolivia, generate new sources of hydroelectric power, and create a microclimatic buffer to slow the impact of global warming on Andean glaciers.



21st Street Calacoto 8227
Torre Lydia 3th Floor Room 301
Telephone: 591-2-277-3665

La Paz - Bolivia