Areas of Expertise

Business Management

To strengthen organizational and process improvement, Parity-CB works on the design and development of institutional strategic planning, design and implementation of annual operating plans, design and implementation of budgetary systems for projects and programs,  process mapping, process design, re-engineering and optimization,  elaboration of operating manuals, design and implementation of quality management systems, business model revisions, efficiency and competitiveness analysis, analysis of competitive strategies, cost analysis, monitoring and external evaluation of international cooperation projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seeks the revision of businesses' behavior, operations and standards to help them have a more positive impact on the lives in the communities in which they operate.

Parity-CB supports companies to plan their first steps towards CSR within a framework that allows businesspeople to become fully aware of what this responsibility involves throughout the production of goods and services.

Educational Corporate Social Responsibility

Parity-CB has developed a program of Educational Corporate Social Responsibility based on the contents developed by the Group for Digital Unity and Literacy of Children (GAUDI).

This proposal seeks to develop activities to achieve the goal of providing every child and young person with a computer that allows them to have access to knowledge and improve their quality of life, in association with the international cooperation and alliances with private companies.

Shared Value Creation

Shared Value Creation (SVC) can be defined as the policies and operational practices that improve both, the competitiveness of a company, as well as the economic and social conditions of the community in which it operates.

Parity-CB believes this may lead to the most important process yet achieved in transforming the way business is thought of in Bolivia and in the region.


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