Parity-CB presents the book "Crecimiento y Distribución Espacial de la Población de Bolivia" written by Augusto Salvador Sánchez Soliz.

Publicado el 15 de Mayo de 2014
The President of Parity-CB, Miguel Zalles, presented the book, "Crecimiento y Distribución Espacial de la Población de Bolivia" written by Augusto Salvador Sánchez Soliz.

 Parity-CB presents the book

The book is about growth and spatial distribution of the population of Bolivia based on data from national censuses and demographic sample surveys. The growth of the population of the country is examined from a historical perspective since the discovery of America until 2012. The population growth at a sub-national level is studied in terms of urban-rural area, geographical region, department, province and municipality, according to the availability of statistical information. The study of the population growth by urban-rural area corresponds to the period 1900-2012, by geographic region and department for the period 1950-2012 and by province and municipality in the period 1992-2012.

The components of the population growth from a demographic point of view are, fertility, mortality and migration. The study of the historical trends of these components corresponds to the period 1950-2010 at the country level and the period of 1970-1975 to 2003-2008 to the level urban-rural area, geographic region and department. The study shows the trend of declining fertility and mortality, both national and sub-national level and the continued migration of the Bolivian population to other countries. The study also describes the growing internal migratory movement to regional and departmental levels.

The study of the spatial distribution of the population, shows the unequal distribution of the population in urban-rural, departmental level and, in particular, provincial and municipal levels. The study also notes the increasing concentration of urban population in certain urban centers. Finally, the study presents an estimate of the coverage of the National Census of Population and Housing 2012, issued in December 2012, before the release of preliminary results in January 2013. An interesting historical detail, is the inset that presents a summary of the Census of 1854.


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